RI, Germany to strengthen cooperation in clean energy

German Ambassador to Indonesia Dr. Norbest Baas met with the chairman of the People’s Consultative Assembly Taufik Kiemas Friday to discuss the potential of strengthening investment and cooperation between the two countries.

“Our focus is to attract more German businessmen to invest in Indonesia,” the ambassador said after the visit, citing Indonesia’s current promising economic performance.

He said the clean energy sector would be the ultimate target for investment because Indonesia had great potential for developing non-fossil fuel energy, such as geothermal, wind and solar energy.

He added that the German economic minister would visit the country soon, together with representatives of the German business community, to explore the potential.

Regarding the potential for expanding economic ties, Taufik said: “Indonesia will also send delegates to Germany to strengthen ties between the businessmen of the two countries.”

He said that Indonesia and Germany had a long history of economic cooperation, and pointed out that Germany company Siemens was one of the multinational corporations that stayed in Indonesia during the economic crisis of 1997.