Chinese Industries to Build Special Economic Estates in Indonesia

Industry Minister MS Hidayat said a group of major Chinese industries are looking for land for building a Special Economic Estates (KEK) in Indonesia.

"The group is looking for 10,000 hectares of land for the KEK project. But they were looking for land with easy access to sea ports," Hidayat said after a hearing with Commission VI of the House of Representatives in Jakarta Monday night.

The Chinese industries wished to build an integrated industrial estate to produce consumer goods for local consumption and export.

"We will try to have them build the project outside Java island, may be in Kalimantan," Hidayat said.

The Chinese group of industries, he said, was seeking a new market and making an expansion because the Chinese manufacturing industry is relatively still small in other countries. But Hidayat still did not know the industrial sector the Chinese group wished to build in Indonesia.

"I suspect that they will also make use of the ACFTA," he added.