Stretching into impossible poses these photogenic felines could be the most relaxed cats of all time. The aptly named Yoga Cats feature in a 2010 calendar that is sure to claw its way into the affections of animal lovers everywhere.

Created by professional photographer Dan Borris and his wife Alejandra, the calendar combines real photographs with a whisker of Photoshop magic.

'Cats are amazing, wonderful creatures,' said Mr Borris.

'The process of making these photos is a mixture of meticulous planning, figuring out which cat should go with which pose.

'Then being happy when all that great planning and preparation goes flying out the window.'

Using real cats borrowed from friends and family, Mrs Borris, a former yoga teacher-turned-animal practitioner, uses her skills to coax the cats into the yoga positions.

'Alejandra works with the animals in getting them into the positions we need as I set up the lights and take the photographs,' said Mr Borris.

'The cats get as close as they can with the yoga moves but some of those positions in the calendar are anatomically impossible.

'There is no forcing the animal to do anything. We will get the cat in a general position but each cat that I photograph is well looked after.

'We discovered that the best way to work with the cats was through inventing games and playing.

'The most difficult part was the discovery that cats just do not like flash.'

Once he has the shot he wants, Mr Borris then spends hours in front of his computer to get the desired results.

'Yes the images are photo-shopped,' he said. 'Some of these poses would be physically impossible for them to achieve although I have to say, that after shooting cats I have a whole new respect for their agility.'

The entire collection of photos can be seen at: