Very cold this afternoon but I was trying to impose a shower since I work all day my body must be dirty and dusty this day exactly my mother's birthday but I was not sure how many but I thought he was nearing sixty years. I feel sad that grown and been able to finance my own but I can not give something to my mother. I only have the prayers that I say to my God every moment for the greatest woman in my life.
I tried a series of words that are beautiful as diartike! a blog, but because it was not from my heart so hard to put them together that I think too much finally resolved itself simple and short words only made me in tears, even if you could see me today I'm writing this with tears tears nearly fell this unbearable.
If you know this heart heartsick. God give him health because almost every day she was sick because of too tired to work. God give him happiness wherever located and in any case, he was the greatest woman in my life.
One time I had ever read a story from the title of most beautiful gift book from one who I loved writing that God had created a very difficult mother he had created a strong mother, hungry bear, can cry, to smile, to his anger, can make a person comfortable , make someone smile, make someone feel great, not deaf, has four eyes.
It created a god out btasa a mother, I love you mam ...