Pangkong Cuttlefish snacks is one typical for side dishes when breaking the fast or dawn by most people Pontianak.

Muzanni (42) one citizen Ahmad Tabrani, river Jawi Outer West Pontianak District, Sunday (24 / 8), said he and his family always bring the menu to eat squid pangkong after breaking fast or meal. "Tapas dinner cuttlefish pangkong presence will be felt less, because we've used since many years ago that the menu is always present," said Muzanni.

Cuttlefish is Pangkong squid, dried and burned. Food is generally only appear at the dinner table once a year during the month of Ramadan. "If another difficult month to get pangkong cuttlefish, perhaps a blessing in the month of Ramadan," said Muzanni.

Cuttlefish pangkong processed from cuttlefish or squid, which after burning and dipangkong (pounded) to meat squid marinated hard after a tough and easy to enjoy. Cuttlefish burned on hot coals with coconut charcoal or wood.

Siti Fatimah (46) one seller in pangkong cuttlefish Jalan Merdeka,Pontianak city District, said comestible is only popular and sold in the month of Ramadan. "If the other months less desirable," he said.

Serving pangkong cuttlefish cuttlefish is quite simple enough sauce served with beans or spicy sweet sour sauce that was delicious dilidah. Siti Fatimah per day could sell one to two pounds of dried cuttlefish, and then sold USD 10 thousand to USD 20 thousand per cow. "Pretty gross income could reach Rp 200 thousand per night with a net profit of USD 70 thousand or more," he said.

About a dozen vendors selling cuttlefish pangkong wares lined along Jalan Merdeka, Pontianak and can only be found in the month of Ramadan alone. Cuttlefish Pedagan wares held starting at 17:00 pm until 22:00 pm.

What was it like this pangkong squids? Salty, savory, sour and spicy. Nyoss mak .