Creating the garden should not be long.
If not carefully planned, will only create a bush and littering the landscape.

A park was created in order to bring the beauty. Whether or not a beautiful garden of the election determined softscape and hardscape materials, color composition and shape, and overall harmony of design.

Some of the planning process are often ignored because it seem trivial, but actually very decisive beauty of the park later. Following points should be observed, so that the park is actually created in accordance with our expectations.

Two key things to prepare is preparing garden designs or concepts and technical persipan. Preparation is the design engineering design drawings in accordance with the concept of garden garden design desired.

Making the pattern of land, preparation of electrical and water installations, peletakannya, and determining the point of planting a few things that must be summarized in the concept design created.

This design will serve as guidelines for subsequent plans. To create this design, should consider some technical work to be done to make the park. The following description.

Preparing Land

These activities include excavation work and the reversal of land, hilling, penggemburan, and provision of fertilizers or addition of nutrients in the soil. In addition to prepare land for crops planted and ready to have the appropriate contours of our expectations, this process also frees the land from weeds that will interfere with future plant growth.

This process is often overlooked because often we do not wait to get or directly to plant so that the results are often disappointing: the plants die and do not grow well because of disturbed weeds.

Creating Garden Construction

In this process of planning and making the path taken. This element is important for the circulation path in the park so that all activities undertaken in the park do not interfere with future sustainability of the growth of plants and other elements. In accordance with the extent of the park, design and materials, the path can be made in a variety of options.

Defining Elements Hardware Park (Hardscape)

Which includes the hardware elements of the park are various pots, rocks, lights, and other accessories that will be used as a complement the park, both functional and aesthetic role.

Elements of Software Park (Softscape)

Various types of plants, the choice is planned in this process. It is considered a matter of plant species (shrubs, bushes, and protector). About colors (flowers and leaves) jugs into something that must be considered because it determines the splendor of the park is created and harmonization of existing colors.

The character of each plant concerned: the speed of growth, canopy shape, resilience in responding to the weather (both hot sun and rain / water), determine the choice of plant species that will be used.

Planting and Peletakar Hardscape

Crop planting starts from the protective plants (high) and so is the lower plants to plant ground cover. The spread of coral stone, gravel, stone step, and installation of garden lighting and other accessories made after planting.

The spread of coral preceded by the laying of the fibers in permukakan coral will be given to maintain the water circulation in order to continue to seep into the ground dar park was flooded.