Catfish are confused local cuisine Magelang, Central Java, in addition to diamond know.
Once the signature taste of Magelang confused that it's hard to find this type of cuisine in other areas.

One place to taste the typical catfish dazed Magelang is Warung Makan Tangkilan Purnama in Hamlet, Pabelan, Magelang. The location is not far from Jalan Raya Magelang, Yogyakarta Km 13 easy to find. Village Pabelan easily identified with the center stone temple artisans. From the direction of Magelang, just before entering the Bridge Pabelan time in a big bend, no village road on the left. Enter the street about 10 meters so far, we arrived at Warung Purnama.

This shop is no different from food stalls in the area other traditional Central Java, namely in the form of a permanent building with large windows and two entrances at the front. Inside there are several dining tables and dining chairs are made of plastic. There are two sets of wooden chairs on the porch lincak near the front window.

Java diverse cuisine, such as pecel, fried chicken and ducks, fried sambal know, and so forth, are presented in the Public Purnama. However, since opening in 1965, this shop is known for its cooking catfish confused.

Distinctive taste Magelang dazed in Public Purnama was immediate when we ate the coconut milk is reddish yellow, like the fried chilli sauce. Alloy taste salty, sweet and spicy, present in the right proportion, giving the sensation excited in the tongue.

It should be noted, unlike dazed magelang named dazed cuisine from other regions. In Semarang and Bantul, for example, also known as cooking confused, but in form and taste much different. Fish used in dazed magelang usually fresh catfish, while in Semarang, dazed always use the main ingredient stingrays had baked earlier.