If the baby can be born naturally, why should disesar? Apparently, the baby is born are at risk of more faults variety of health problems than babies born to normal. What are the distractions that? Dr.Erick Francisco Kan, M. Med, Sp.A from Siloam Hospital Karawaci disclose.

1. Respiratory
TTNB (Transient Tachypnea of the New Born) is a respiratory disorder that most often occurs in infants feared fault. This interference is due to fluid filled fetal lungs in the womb during uncompressed fault considering baby live "thank so". In fact, a vaginal delivery through the birth canal is what allows the fluid that filled the lungs during the fetus in the womb is pumped up out.

In addition, the compression process also occurs because of maternal uterine contractions on a regular basis. Contractions gradually stronger it will push the baby's body, so the automatic fluid in his lungs come out. Well, the baby's fault, the second compression process did not happen perfectly.

2. The low immune system
Evidance based data base was not there. But in the normal birth process, infants move from an almost sterile womb to the outside through a long process and involves a contraction for hours. Even at birth, the baby's mouth is not closed so many germs that enter the mouth, even to the digestion. Receive the effects, the baby is in contact with the microbes floral experience in the birth mother who then colonize the gut. This is very influential in the development and maturation of the immune system.

3. Vulnerable allergies
Both of the conditions of "dirty" in the birth canal that does not pass the baby born in a fault, or delays in breastfeeding as soon as possible, making the risk of allergies in infants higher. Not to mention the exposure to antibiotics which are usually given to infants as a step fault in case of possible infection, also increase the risk of allergies.

4. Emotions tend to be fragile
Although not proven through scientific research, the psychological condition of the baby allegedly faults tend to be more fragile than babies born normally. In fact, babies born to normal was exposed to uncomfortable conditions in which he must pass through the birth canal is narrow and winding with great pressure due to uterine contractions. This struggle is believed to be mentally train your child early on. Perhaps these factors contribute separately to the personality of the child later.

However, given the pattern of parental care and how the environment influences come prove more color if a person is more resilient or not when faced with life stress.

5. Influenced anesthesia
This condition may occur. Therefore, a team consisting of doctors of obstetrics and gynecology physician, a pediatrician, and anesthesiologist must calculate carefully as possible so that anesthesia in infants minimum effect. For that, in general anesthesia spinal anesthesia used is a low dose. The use of general anesthesia to make the baby looked a little sleepy because it was issued while still under the influence of anesthesia.

6. Minimal chance of IMD
Babies fault not get a chance to live the IMD early breastfeeding initiation alias. This is due to fault the baby's condition is different from the normal birth conditions that could directly attached to its mother's breast with a reflex powerful enough to reach the breast. While in labor fault, it can not be made considering the baby is usually directly attached to an IV and oxygen tube to help breathing. The mother, were generally still in a state of "high" due to the influence of anesthetic drugs. (Nakita / Therese /