Pemalang city not only has grombyang rice, sliced meat dish of buffalo, similar berkuah Rawon.
Located on the north coast of Java, Pemalang District has a long coastline, more than 20 kilometers, so the waters of the sea storing wealth.

Abundant marine products that inspire Pak Kardi building Restaurant (RM) Pak Kardi (Special Crab and Sea Food). Occupying stalls in front of Ulujami District Office, a few hundred yards from the monument boundary-Regency Pekalongan District Pemalang, RM Pak Kardi renowned as a provider of home eating various seafood dishes.

"They are serving the raw material directly from the fishermen from the beach deposits Pemalang. So, fish, crabs, squid, and shrimp were fresh. Their raw materials are fresh catches, no savings in the cooling cupboard," said Winarno, retired Chief Pekalongan BKKBN office, a big fan of cooking fish in Semarang.

RM special dish is the crab Kardi As plump. Plump crab is a term used to refer to a culinary connoisseur of crab eggs, which contain his crab eggs, the most delicious crab is cooked in sweet and sour. Behind the shell, connoisseurs will find a collection of red eggs and very tasty. Savory taste immediately felt on the tongue when bitten by a broken crab eggs.

Find it quite easy to stall, let alone Ulujami Road is a road-Pemalang pantura Jateng veins. From the direction of Semarang or from Jakarta, are now looking for work because of RM Sub Ulujami Pak Kardi was right in front of the district office.

According to children Pak Kardi, Tuminah, he was managing the diner after Pak Kardi died three years ago. His father pioneered the seafood dishes business since 1974. She opened the diner in the Village officially Ulujami since 1984. RM now has a branch in the village of Pak Kardi Purwisari, Comal, or about 10 miles west of Ulujami.

Wagiyo, Pak Kardi-law, explained, since the beginning they chose to serve crab specials. There are three types of crab eggs of crabs, crab soka, and ordinary crab. They spend 6-8 pounds of crab per day. One kilogram contains approximately 2-3 tails.

"We rely on deposits from the crab fishermen. Crab eggs typically takes about ordering because not all crab catches have eggs," said Wagiyo.

This unique accompaniment crab dish is complete mortar. Empty mortar was not to make a sauce, but to break the shell of a crab.