8 Cases Worth of Being Bartered with Century

Indonesian Corruption Watch (ICW) listed at least eight cases most likely to be bartered to settle the Century Bank scandal. These eight cases implicate upper echelon politicians from parties whose views are on the direct opposite of the Democratic Party's regarding Century Bank's scandal.

"ICW listed eight major cases, whether of corruption, tax manipulation, banking crime such as fictive letters of credit, murder, or even cases from long ago such as suspicions of human rights violations in East Timor," stated ICW agency worker, Febridiansyah, Jakarta, Sunday.

According to Febri, these eight cases can potentially be drawn to the non-legal corridor and become bargaining chips if the government and law enforcers intentions aren't built upon the realization of the supremacy of the law. "The police, AGO, directorate general on taxation, or even the judicial mafia task force shouldn't be used as political tools to pressure and hamper the root problem of Century Bank's scandal from being exposed."

At least three cases threaten Golkar party, among which are tax crimes suspected of implicating Golkar chairman Aburizal Bakrie. There is also the case that might implicate Golkar fraction chief, who's suspected to be involved in the Association of Village Unit Cooperatives case, and a taxation case worth RP. 122 billion. In regards to these cases, the legislature's inquiry committee chief on Century Bank, Idrus Marham, is also insinuated to have known thoroughly about the rice transaction.

Besides with the party bearing the banyan tree, there's also the potential of case bartering with PDI-P, especially one politician, initialed ZEM, who's suspected to have received part of the Century Case disbursement.

The ICW also mentioned the case of the release and discharge (R&D) issued during the time of Megawati Soekarnoputri as being a potential bartering chip.

There are also cases about the suspected fictive L/C implicating a PKS cadre and regarding the prosecutor case-review plan for Munir's murder which implicates Muchdi PR. The latter might deter the Gerindra party. "Until now, the AGO's plan to submit a case-review is still on hold," Febri stated.