Inspectorate needs a month to probe school graft

The city administration’s inspectorate said it would take a month to complete the investigation into the recent alleged graft case in a junior high school and an elementary school in Jakarta.

“We will review the regulations, financial reports and the facts on the ground,” Sukesti Martono, the head of the inspectorate, said Friday.

He said his office would also summon the education agency to clarify regulations, as it disbursed the funds allegedly misappropriated.

Sukesti refused to elaborate on the ongoing investigation, saying the results would be reported immediately to Governor Fauzi Bowo.

“The governor will announce the investigation results to the media,” he said.

Sukesti added that if the investigation revealed administrative flaws, the officials responsible would be given an administrative punishment.

If the misallocation results is losses to the city, then the money should be returned to the country’s treasurer, he said.