Fauzi insists monorail project will happen

Governor Fauzi Bowo said Friday his administration would resume the construction of the long-stalled monorail, despite the uncertainty around the project.

“It’s not certain we can continue the project as the funding remains unclear, but at least I want to carry out the construction of the central line,” he said.

The central line is expected to stretch from Kuningan in South Jakarta, past the central business district of Jl. Sudirman and on to Jl. Asia Afrika in Central Jakarta.

The central line has been revised since the project’s initial plan, which involved two lines connecting business districts in South Jakarta and one that would link East and West Jakarta.

Currently, the Development Finance Controller, backed by foreign legal experts and the National Development Planning Agency, is auditing the project to determine how much the city should pay the developer, PT Jakarta Monorail, to take over the project.