Nudes at 10: Joke News Slot Naked

Just what is it about Cambridge students and taking off their clothes? After a furore over the recent introduction of Page 3 girls in the prestigious university's online magazine, a pair of naked newsreaders are raising eyebrows among dons.

Undergraduates Seb Dunnett, 20, and a 21-year-old blonde friend going under the name of 'Jane Doe' strip to read bulletins for the university's new online TV channel. The Naked News was broadcast on Cambridge University TV this week, and has already sent viewing figures skyrocketing.

In the three-minute clip filmed on Wednesday, both presenters are seen cycling around the narrow city streets covered only by black gowns. They then disrobe, with Mr Dunnett (who studies Natural Sciences at Homerton College) wearing just a pair of wire-framed glasses. His female co-presenter (also a Natural Sciences student) preserves her modesty with blue CU:TV stickers on her breasts while the more graphic shots are covered by a computer-generated image.

After an opening sequence taking in the city's landmarks the pair, who call each other John and Jane, read the headlines on topics ranging from Varsity rugby to celebrity gossip.

'Jane' said the show was meant to poke fun at Cambridge students who 'take themselves too seriously'.

Cambridgeshire police said they would not stop the students getting naked but warned they would have to investigate if any members of the public complained. A Cambridge University spokesman declined to comment.