Former BI governor to be conditionally released

Former Bank Indonesia (BI) governor Burhanuddin Abdullah will be conditionally released from prison on Saturday after serving his jail sentence since October 2008 for graft.

An official said Friday that Burhanuddin would be allowed to leave Sukamiskin penitentiary in Bandung after he paid Rp 200 million in fine.

“The payment was made through the Corruption Eradication Commission prior to his transfer to Sukamiskin prison,” Tony Nainggolan, chief of security guards at Sukamiskin prison, told

The Corruption Court sentenced Burhanuddin to five years of jail sentence at the end of October 2008 for his part in the misuse of Rp 100 billion in BI fund in 2004. In February last year the Jakarta High Court upheld the lower court’s verdict and extended his imprisonment by six months.

However, the Supreme Court reduced his jail term to three years in August 2009.

Tony said Burhanuddin would have to report to the Bandung correctional agency every month.