Armed group member killed in Aceh

Aceh Police shot and killed a man who was allegedly a member of an armed group during a crackdown in Padang Tiji in the Aceh regency of Pidie on Wednesday morning.

“[The man] was a member of the armed group,” said a source from the Aceh Police who confirmed the shooting to He said the group used to train in the Jalin Mountains, Aceh Besar.

Following a check on a bus plying the Banda Aceh-Medan route, police officers opened fire on three men who had defied warning shots as they attempted to escape arrest.

The police are hunting for the two other men, who are also believed to be part of the alleged armed group.

Aceh Police has been conducting a crackdown on the group, which has allegedly recruited 50 members and possesses hundreds of weapons since Monday last week.

Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Farid Ahmad refused to comment on the shooting, saying the National Police had taken over the investigation into the group.