Democrat Congratulates Factions Voting for Option C

The Democrat Party called on all parties to refocus their attention on national development following the conclusion of the debate on the Bank Century bailout here on Wednesday. "We hope after the decision was made all the dynamism relating to the case is finished and we focus on other jobs," the party faction leader, Anas Urbaniningrum, said after a vote on the case.

Anas expressed congratulations to factions that had voted for Option C. "We have demonstrated democracy at work. Although we had different views, we did not show animosity," he said.

He also said he was proud that his party members had been consistent from the beginning. "We are also proud of other parties that shared common choice with the Democrat Party. We however also appreciate those who had different views," he said.

A total of 285 members of the House of Representatives voted for Option A stating that violations had happened with regard to the government’s decision to bail out the Bank Century in 2008. The votes came from the Golkar Party (104), the Indonesia Democratic Party of Struggle (90), the Prosperous Justice Party (56), the United Development Party (32), the Great Indonesia Movement Party (25) and the People’s Conscience Party (17) and the National Awakening Party (1).

A total of 212 House members voted for Option C that the bailout was right. They are from the ruling Democrat Party (148), the National Mandate Party (40) and the National Awakening Party (25).