Ayu lost candidacy bid for Sukabumi’s deputy regent

The Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P), the party Ayu was about to run with, reportedly nominated bureaucrat Hasymi Ramli and Sukabumi councilor Iman Adi Nugraha as candidates for Sukabumi’s election, Antara reported.

Ayu’s lawyer and spokesperson Sekarpiandy said she was still waiting to receive the official news from the party.

Actress Ayu Azhari, registered with the PDI-P in December last year. Ayu, who also goes by the name of Khadijah Azhari, hoped to partner with Hariyanto as regent candidate in Sukabumi’s upcoming regency election.

“We are still waiting for official information from the party as to whether Ayu was accepted or not. I also heard the public would not vote if Ayu didn’t run in the election. Ayu registered… Whether she is accepted or not, is the party’s decision. Ayu will continue [running] even though her candidacy was rejected,” Sekarpiandi said as quoted by kapanlagi.com.

A number of alleged porn photos of Ayu made the rounds on the Internet after she announced her candidacy.

The four photos, allegedly taken from her blue movie Without Mercy filmed years ago, show a naked woman resembling Ayu, performing raunchy scenes with actor Frank Zagarino in a jacuzzi and a separate room.

Ayu didn’t deny she was the woman in the pictures and thanked those who were trying to discredit her by circulating the pictures. The wife of White Lion’s vocalist Mike Tramp said she was thankful because it showed some people were actually afraid she was going to win.

Sekarpiandy said smear campaigns were common in politics.