House speaker a dictator: Deputy speakers

The action of House or Representatives Speaker Marzuki Alie closing Tuesday's plenary meeting on the Bank Century bailout case without giving times for other lawmakers to make statements has fueled anger from his deputies.

House Deputy Speaker Anis Matta of the Prosperous and Justice Party (PKS) told a press conference Marzuki had acted like a dictator.

"The way he [Marzuki] managed the meeting was very authoritarian, just like a dictator," Anis said.

Marzuki should have talked with his four deputies before deciding to close the meeting, Anis added.

Other house deputy speakers, Pramono Anung of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) and Priyo Budi Santoso of the Golkar Party, shared Anis' opinion.

"At least he [Marzuki] could suspend the meeting for a while to give rooms for lobbies between House speakers amid the rampant requests for interruption," Pramono said.

Tuesday's House plenary meeting on the bailout case ended in a chaotic situation after Marzuki closed the meeting while dozens of lawmakers raised hands to make statements.

A number of angry lawmakers marched forward protesting Marzuki and trying to seize his hammer.