Mitsubishi requests update on Donggi-Senoro gas project

Mitsubishi Corporation CEO Yorihiko Kojima met Vice President Boediono at the state palace on Tuesday, to request information on the Donggi-Senoro liquefied natural gas project in Central Sulawesi.

The project was being discussed by Boediono and related ministers, said vice presidential spokesman Yopie Hidayat.

“The Vice President and ministers are still studying the Donggi-Senoro project. The Vice President will wait for a report from ministers and will unveil it to the public and stakeholders once this study is finished,” Yopie said.

He added that Mitsubishi expected the Donggi-Senoro project would cost US$2.5 billion.

Aside from the project, Mitsubishi has invested $15 billion in various economic activities here in Indonesia, including in the electricity and automotive industries.

The gas project has been put on hold since last year because of controversy over whether it would be intended for export or domestic supply. Then vice president Jusuf Kalla insisted that the Donggi-Senoro project would meet domestic gas needs.