Speaker violated House regulations: Judge

Constitutional Court judge M Akil Mochtar said House of Representatives Speaker Marzuki Alie’s move to postpone a plenary session to discuss the Bank Century bailout was a violation of the House’s standing order.

“I don’t think the House speaker understands the House regulations,” Akil, a former House member from the Golkar Party, told reporters.

The plenary session was suspended after chaos erupted following a demand from several legislators that the House members vote on the case on Tuesday, rather than Wednesday as originally scheduled.

Marzuki, however, insisted that legislators stick to the original schedule, which had been decided during a House consultative body meeting.
Akil said Marzuki’s one-sided move to delay the plenary without giving legislators a chance to voice their opinions could be seen as a violation of the principle of lawmakers’ sovereignty.

He suggested that the legislators file a report against Marzuki with the House’s disciplinary council for alleged violation of the House’s code of ethics.

“Or at least his action can be annulled and be discussed further,” he added.

Akil said that Marzuki’s action might have be triggered by fear of the possibility that the House would endorse legal measures against state officials involved in the Bank Century bailout.