Actress Five V once cheated by spiritual guru

NOVA/Romy Palau

"I was cheated by a person who claimed to have supernatural powers. I only have myself to blame, as I chose to believe him. I lost millions of rupiah," Five V told on Sunday.

Five V's comments appear to have been spurred by the recent alleged sexual harassment case involving noted spiritual leader Anand Krishna.

A group of women last week reported Anand to the National Commission on Violence against Women in Jakarta, alleging that he sexually harassed them when they studied under him.

Anand is also a renowned columnist who writes about spirituality.

Since the incident, Five V, who once hit the tabloid headlines with her battle against her husband for the custody of her child, admitted she had to be more careful in the future when meeting new people.

The 31-year-old actress has now decided not to hire a spiritual advisor. "I preferred to tell my problems to my parents. They are the best spiritual teachers," she said. - JP