‘Mystical’ crocodiles attract Palu residents

At night time recently, residents of Palu city have gathered near a bridge over River Palu that dissects the Central Sulawesi capital, to watch three crocodiles they believe are guardians of the river.

Kadiri, who lives 15 meters from the bridge, on Friday said people crowded the river banks between 6 and around 11:30 p.m. to catch a glimpse of the rare sight.

“Sometimes only one of the crocodiles appears, but sometimes three of them turn up together,” he said.

Visitors sometimes threw offerings, in the form of chicken meat or dead goats, into the river, Kadiri said.

A number of sand miners along the river said the reptiles had never attacked them. “Fortunately we can make a living untroubled there,” one of the sand miners, Rimi, told Antara.