Taskforce meets drug suspect who claims police abused him

Members of the judicial corruption taskforce on Friday visited drug suspect Susandi Sukatma, who lost a lawsuit over his arrest and detention by city police.

A meeting, held at Cipinang Detention Center in East Jakarta, was held between taskforce members Denny indrayana and Mas Ahmad Santosa, and Susandi “Aan” Sukatma, who was detained for alleged possession of ecstasy.

Aan, a former employee of PT Maritim Timur Jaya, a fishery controlled by tycoon Tomy Winata, said police had illegally arrested, detained and assaulted him.

The assault and arrest occurred after he was summoned to the Artha Graha building in Jakarta for interrogation by Maluku Police last December, as a witness for his former employer, David Tjiau, in connection with an illegal stockpile of firearms on Tual Island, Maluku.

Aan said he was assaulted during interrogation and was later handed to the city police after an ecstasy pill was found in his pocket.

He said be believed police had planted the pill in his pocket.

Friday’s meeting was also attended by two members of the police's internal affairs division (Propam) and a representative from the Victim and Witness Protection Agency (LPSK).

Aan said he appreciated the support from the taskforce. “My family and I only hope justice is served,” he said.