Golkar can quit if it wants to: Democratic Party

The Democratic Party says it will not stand in the Golkar Party’s way if it wants to leave the coalition.

“Golkar has the right to [quit the coalition if it wants to]," Democratic Party secretary-general Amir Syamsuddin said Friday.

On Thursday, Golkar deputy chairman Priyo Budi Santoso said the party would end its coalition with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's Democratic Party if the President removed any of Golkar’s ministers.

Yudhoyono and Golkar are at odds over the Bank Century bailout inquiry currently underway at the House of Representatives.

“We do not see [Priyo’s] statement as a threat. There is no need for us to worry about it. The most important thing is we have public support,” Amir said.

The Rp 6.76 trillion (US$716 million) bailout was previously rumored to have been used to fund Yudhoyono’s reelection campaign.

However, the House inquiry, found no grounds for the rumors during its search for irregularities in the bailout fund disbursements, in five cities last week.