Mulan Jameela pledges not to marry secretly

JP/P.J. Leo

All this talk about banning unregistered marriages has prompted singer Mulan Jameela, also a single mother, to pledge that she will not remarry in a secret or hide the identity of her future husband.

“I will tell the [public] for sure. Why should I hide it from you [journalists]?” said Mulan, as quoted by on Monday.

However, the singer of hit Makhluk Tuhan Paling Seksi (The Sexiest Creature of God) admitted she didn’t have a partner and would never marry without telling the public. “Marriage should not be hidden. Who doesn’t want to marry?” the 31-year-old singer said.

The mother of two said she had to put her children’s needs ahead of hers.

“I give everything to my children. They are the most important people who will guide my decisions.”

The House of Representatives is currently deliberating a bill that will, amongst other things, ban unregistered marriages locally called nikah siri (secret marriage).

Ulemas and artists who support polygamy have rejected the plan to ban nikah siri while most women are in favor of it.