Names mentioned in Century case won't become suspects: Police

Names cited by the House of Representatives' inquiry committee as responsible for the Bank Century case will not automatically be considered suspects in the case, the National Police said Tuesday.

"The inquiry committee is not a law enforcer. If it says there is an indication [of crime] it must be proved under the law by the police," said head of criminal investigations Ito Sumardi after signing an agreement to pursue tax cases with the Finance Ministry.

The inquiry committee on Tuesday night will name the individuals it considers to be responsible for bailing out Century with Rp 6.76 trillion (US$730.08 million) of funds.

"We must put the presumption of innocence first. Whoever is named by the inquiry committee, we will look at the facts, then investigate them. If there are crime-related issues, then we will announce them as suspects or witnesses," Ito said.