Jakarta threatens to revoke parking operator permits for breaching tariffs

The Jakarta city administration threatens to revoke permits of six off-street parking operators for ignoring warnings for official tariff rates implementation.

“We will hold inspection today. If they still violate the regulation, we will send them the last warning before revoking their permits,” the head of the parking unit, Benjamin Bukit, told tempointeraktif.com on Friday.

The parking unit, which issued operation permits in 584 locations across the city, had reprimanded parking operators that have breached tariff regulations in 77 locations. However, six operators have still ignored the warnings.

According to the parking rates stipulated in the 2004 gubernatorial decree, the regulation, a parking fee inside buildings and multi-story parking lots for cars and minibuses is Rp 2,000 (US 21 cents) for the first hour and Rp 1,000 for each following hour.

The parking units have received mounting complaints from the public regarding parking rates over the last weeks. Many shopping centers have applied tariffs twice as high as the official rates.