Century Case Could Distract Indonesians from Bigger Issues

Firmanzah, the youngest dean in University of Indonesia's history, reminded everyone that the bigger issue in the inquiry committee is actually about accountability and transparency. He conveyed that at the live talkshow Chat After Lunch, at Plaza FX, Jakarta, Tuesday, with chairman of Golkar's central board; Akbar Faisal, Hanura's representative in the legislature's inquiry committee on Century Bank.

"We spot-light on accountability," the dean emphasized. He admitted that resolving the case of Century Bank is also important, but behind this case there is the matter of public accountability, meaning that the people should know clearly how the government came to decisions like the bailout.

So the public accountability is the bigger issue, and it's also the issue that fuels other matters greater than the Century Bank. He illustrated that, if judging by the size and effect on everyone, then the Indonesian people, whose attention has been nailed on the Century Bank case, should focus more to the ASEAN-China Free Trade Agreement (ACFTA). He believes that the ACFTA is more systemic than Century Bank's case.

Actually the government has a lot of other homeworks, such as the ACFTA, decentralization, and the regional representative elections. Those homeworks seem to be eclipsed by the intensity of Century Bank's case.

Again, behind all of those issues there's always the matter of transparent accountability. All the confusion that's happening, according to him, is because the people aren't clear on how the government came to critical decisions, whether regarding the bailout or the ACFTA. The government should be transparent about, "strategic decisions, decisions that affect the lives of many people. Though that doesn't mean all decisions should be made public."