Casualties of Tanah Abang Collapsed Construction

Ida, family member of some victims from the collapsed building under renovation at Tanah Abang, is sobbing histerically as she arrives at the location. Her father, husband, and younger sibling have fallen victims in the incident
A building under renovation at Tanah Abang shopping district, Central Jakarta collapsed, Wednesday. Casualty report is still haphazard, but according to a Regional Millitary Command officer present at the location, Tasirun, the authority is still trying to rescue three victims under the rubble, and one has just been rescued alive around 12.15.

At 12.15, Wednesday, Tasirun informed that nine victims have been evacuated, one of which has died. The other survivors are still unknown, but possibly they will be brought to Tarakan Hospital or Pelni Hospital. Some are in critical conditions.

The location of the collapse is usually for loading goods and is also a shortcut for pedestrians, so most of the victims were pedestrians.

"Most of the victims are pedestrians. The victims inside are probably the construction workers," said a fire-brigage member, Frans, who is on duty along with three fire-engines and five ambulances on the location.

According to the Red Cross they've only evacuated one victim. The crowd flocking the area hampers rescue and evacuation efforts, heavy machineries are available but having difficulties to access the spot. (ING/C17-09)