Civil servant in Gorontalo discharged for receiving bribe

Gorontalo Deputy Mayor Adhan Dambea has discharged a civil servant for receiving a bribe worth Rp 30 million (US$3,000) from a civil servant applicants taking part in a recent selection test.

Adhan said Monday that after a series of questioning sessions, Rahmat Hidayat Nur, a member of the mayoralty's law and order office, was found guilty of receiving the bribe.

“We've completed our investigation and he [Rachmat] had also admitted his mistake,” Adhan said, adding that Rachmat had tarnished the image of the Gorontalo mayoralty.

Rachmat was one of the two civil servants who received the bribe. The other recipient has been identified as Abdurahman Daiponto.

“Daiponto has been given a strong warning and if he is found to have violated existing regulations on other occasion we will not tolerate him any longer,” Adhan told Antara state news agency.

The dishonorable discharge is expected to discourage other civil servants from emulating such behavior, Adhan added.

“Remember, we will not hesitate to take stern action against delinquent civil servants,” he reiterated.