Dangdut singer Inul going pop

JP/Arief Suhardiman

Inul has been lying low since mid 2003, when she shot to fame with her so-called controversial “drill dance”, which even angered Rhoma Irama, the grand old man of Indonesia’s own brand of Arab and Indian influenced folk music.

She’s apparently been busy preparing her new single Kasih Tak Termiliki (Unattainable Love).

“The song was made by Irwan Stinky. The genre’s pop,” she said as quoted by kapanlagi.com.

“I’m not running away from dangdut. I’m just taking a chance. This is a good experience.”

Inul said she has long dreamed of having her own pop single. She is not leaving the world of dangdut, but wants to add something different to her discography.

“I finally have a pop single. There’s something different there, I’m surprised and maybe my lis-teners will be surprised too. I’m just adding to my portfolio. I’ve tried dangdut, rock and now pop. I’m looking for new experiences,” she said.

The woman from Pasuruan, East Java, has built on her success by opening a chain of karaoke lounges and becoming a music producer. She’s married to Adam Suseno and last year gave birth to a son, Yusuf Ivander Damares.