Fujitsu LifeBook brings the best of Intel Core



Like most shrewd generals’ plan to create a super army that knows no mercy, Fujitsu has managed to get the latest releases of Intel Core Processors onto the new group of LifeBook series, making them undefeatable in both speed and power.

The first powerful twin is the LifeBook SH760 and SH560. Powered by Intel Core 17-620M and i3-330M processors, the twin’s strength is hidden under the glossy application panel and the slick silver lining. Weighing less than two kilos, an arsenal of features is ready to speed up the deed, including its USB-charging functions for all applications, the custom scroll wheel and a HDMI output.

The 14.1-inch LifeBook LH700 is another elegant assassin in the series. With a beautiful custom-finished and high-gloss pink or white exterior, the same color keyboard and the classy chrome logo can simply bring pride to its user. It’s got the Intel Core i5-520M processor and, similar to the twin, it has NVIDIA GeForce 310M GPU and 512MB of VRAM to guarantee its graphic quality.

The other three are the LifeBook LH530, the LifeBook MH380 that can replace your gaming PC with ease, and the 500 gram LifeBook UH900. These series are powerful indeed, but Fujitsu has been quite clever in wrapping them, giving a luxurious look throughout to emphasize that some mean machines don’t have to look mean to begin with.