Golkar's meeting did not discuss only “threats”

Golkar Party chairman Aburizal Bakrie clarified Thursday his statements made during a meeting with ministers, governors and other party board members, which made headlines in the national media.

“The media has quoted me as saying that I was not afraid of being threatened at gunpoint in connection with Golkar's stance on the Bank Century controversial bailout investigation,” Aburizal, popularly known as Ical, said in his blog – www.icalbakrie.com

Golkar is one of seven parties at the House of Representatives' inquiry committee on the bailout case, which insist that the bailout that ballooned to Rp 6.76 trillion (US$716 million), was smacked with graft.

The media reports mostly suggested the meeting he chaired at the Golkar Party at the House of Representatives discussed only the Century bailout case and coalition at the current administration under President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

“The fact is that the meeting was held to discuss other more important topics, namely how to enable the government and development programs to run well. The main agenda was how Golkar, a supporter of the government, can fully back up ongoing development programs,” Aburizal said.

“I told all participants of the meeting Wednesday that Golkar must not cause the government to fail because Golkar is a party that supports the government. If the government cannot perform properly, it is dangerous for the people because it will affect their finances,” he said.

Therefore, a development designed to improve the welfare of the people must be maintained, he said.

Together with members of both executive and legislative bodies from Golkar, present during Wednesday's meeting, they exchanged information and ideas in search for a solution to existing problems, Aburizal added.