Inquiry Committee Members Can't Bear Listening

The hall dedicated for the inquiry committee on Century Bank seemed rather vacant, Thursday, while the meeting recording of Bank Indonesia with the Committee for Financial Sector Stability was being played out. Ironically, the members previously had vigorously asked for the recording to be played out openly. observed that by the end of the first session of the recording, only 14 out of 30 committee members remained. Two committee members criticize their colleagues behaviour. One of those two is Melkias Mekeng, member from Golkar fraction.

"Don't let the presentation of this record turn into a farce with all the absent members. Rather than the inquiry committee, the reporters are paying more attention," said him.

He regretted his colleagues who played hookie, whom by doing so showed inconsistency. "Just look at the ones who made heated comments on TV; they're all absent. The chief should remind us all to be consistent. If considered unimportant, then don't play it out (the recording)."

The same concern is expressed by committee member M. Misbakhun, from PKS fraction. "My complaint is that we should go through all the process, including listening (to the recording). Whether it's interesting or not, whether we understand or not. I think this is still important for all the members to participate in."

The absence of most committee members might give the impression that the whole committee isn't serious. Inquiry committee deputy chief Gayus Lumbuun, who led the presentation, said that discliplining the attendance of all members had to be done by each fraction. He also noted though that several members have asked for leave due to other duties.