Inquiry Committee Reviewing The 9-Hour Recording

The legislature's inquiry committee on Century Bank's case, Thursday, will study the recordings from the meetings of Bank Indonesia (BI) board of governors with the Committee for Financial Sector Stability (KSSK)Rata Penuh.

The recordings are from the meetings on November 13 and 20, 2008, and also the consultation meeting with the KSSK on November 20 and 21, 2008. The total duration of the recordings is nine hours.

"These recordings will be the solution for a number of things that were controversial a few days ago. There are four recordings, with a total duration of nine hours," said inquiry committee deputy chief Gayus Lumbuun at the House of Rep. building, Thursday.

However, according to Gayus, for time efficiency, possibly some parts will be skipped if considered unsubstantial to yield clues or not relevant with the information that the committee is looking for.

"Only the audio will be played, not video, because we need the voices and their identities. We will compare them to the transcript that we have."

The recordings hopefully will reconstruct the decision making that granted the short term liquidity support, the declaring of Century Bank as a failed bank with systemic effect, and the voting for the bailout of Rp. 6.7 trillion.