Rata PenuhLawyer Refuses to Defend The Indonesian Entrapped Vocalist

Hendra Samuel Simorangkir, 28, popularly known as Sammy, the vocalist of Kerispatih band, has just recently been caught with drug possession. Ferry Amarhorseya, Sammy's lawyer, who represented him just two months ago when he was accused of stealing a car from Giska, one of the participants of Take Me Out Indonesia, has stated his objection to defend Sammy in the drug abuse case.

"I don't want to defend a drug abuse case. I don't know the development," dodged Ferry when contacted through mobile in Jakarta, Wednesday.

Ferry, who claimed that his client hasn't contacted him, is committed to staying away from drug abuse cases. "So I'm off of it. I'm disappointed. I've had a principle since 30 years ago not to defend any drug abuse case, whatever the condition, whether for the consumer, distributor or whatever."

Previously, Ferry had even admitted firmly to Sammy's family that he objects defending the singer, who was caught in possession of methyl amphetamine in his boarding place at Pedurenan Sawit street no. 62, room A5, Setiabudi, South Jakarta, Tuesday morning.

"I've notified Sammy's family last night. Sammy's mother called, she informed me of the situation and I discussed it with her. And I don't want to handle this case."

However, Ferry claimed that he might defend Sammy if there was the possibility that he was framed. "I've told Sammy this before too, that I don't want to handle drug cases unless he was framed. I'm disappointed with him (Sammy)."