Rp 16,68 Trillion Allocated for Road Repair in Indonesia
To antcipate the mass exodus season during Lebaran Day 2009, the government has road in northern coasts of Java repaired continously
The government is preparing a budget amounting to Rp16.65 trillion for road and bridge repairs in 2010, down from the previous year’s allocation of Rp18.64 trillion, a deputy minister said. Deputy Minister for Public Works Hermanto Dardak said here on Tuesday that of the 2010 year allocation, Rp1.34 trillion would be used to finance repair of 1,477 km highways in northern coasts of Java.

"The highways in the coast of Java get the biggest allocation of the funds because they constitute the backbone of the nation’s transportation and economic distribution," Hermanto said. He said that the government would also allocate Rp373.26 billion for the repair of 1,186 km of Java’s central axis roads and Rp224.33 billion for the 1,132 km southern Java lanes.

In Sumatra, according to Hermanto, the allocation that would be provided for the 2,805 km eastern trans-Sumatra highways amounted to Rp848.79 billion, the 2,540 km central trans-Sumatra Rp543.06 billion and the Sumatran 2,493 km western lanes Rp418.68 billion. "We have set a target that in 2014 the whole trans-Sumatran highways would have a width of seven meters,," he said.

The road repair in Kalimantan in 2010 will included the 3,408 km southern highways with allocation of Rp996.89 billion, the 1,900 km central highways with Rp232.63 billion and the 1,557 km northern ones with a fund allocation of Rp192.66 billion. In Sulawesi, the allocation for the 2.099 km western highways is set at Rp943.98 billion, the 2,346 km central highways Rp 495.03 billion and the 2,054 km western roads amounted to Rp228.93 billion.

In Papua, the government will provide Rp980 billion for 2,060 km strategic roads and Rp460.21 billion for other 1,038 km other roads. Hermanto said that the government also targeted that in 2014 about 95 percent of national roads in the country would have been in good condition.