Short of commissioners hinders investigation over problematic judges

Short of commissioners at the Judicial Commission hinders the process of investigation over reports on delinquent judges.

To process the complaints, the commission has only six active commissioners comprising of law practitioners, academics and representatives of the societyt, led by Busyro Muqoddas.

This year, until Thursday, the commission had received 78 complaints on judge misconducs but none had been processed.

In 2009, the commission received 380 reports but preliminary examination showed that about 60 cases had indication of ethic code violation. So far only eight judges had been thoroughly investigated.

The commission found the eight judges guilty and sent the results of their investigation to the Supreme Court with recommendation that they were fined.

Investigation of another judge is scheduled for completion Tuesday, said the Head of Judge Supervision Bureau of the Commission, Eddy Hari Susanto.