Susrama sentenced to life for murder

The Denpasar District Court sentenced businessman Nyoman Susrama on Monday to life or 20 years in jail for murdering Radar Bali newspaper journalist Anak Agung Narendra Prabangsa.

“Evidence presented during the trial strongly proves the involvement of Susrama in the murder,” Presiding Judge Djumain said in his verdict Monday.

Susrama, younger brother of Bangli Regent I Nengah Arnawa, said he would challenge the verdict, which was more lenient than the death sentence sought by state prosecutors. Susrama is one of nine defendants being tried for the murder.

In a separate court hearing, two other defendants, Komang Gde ST and Ida Bagus Gde Adnyana, were also sent to jail for 20 years and five years respectively, for their involvement in the murder.

The two defendants said they would also challenge the verdicts.