Tigers roam around regent’s office in Bengkulu

Residents of a housing complex near the Kaur regency administration office in Bengkulu woke up on Friday to the remains of three goats that had been mauled by at least two Sumatran tigers overnight, Antara has reported.

Deputy Regent Suarni Muhidin said a local resident, Syamsuri, reported the loss of three of his 33 goats and found traces of tiger footprints around his yard. The regency administration office guards said they heard the goats bleating just before midnight, as the tigers attacked them.

Several times residents of Maje district, located 25 kilometers away from the administration office complex, have reported that their cattle had fallen prey to tigers.

“Tiger used to spread fear in Maje, but now it is sparking anxiety in an area closer to the administration office,” Suarni said.

He called on residents to avoid hunting deer, or the tigers would continue to come looking for cattle.

Head of the Bengkulu Natural Resources Conservation Agency Supartono said forest rangers would evict the protected carnivores from residential areas and keep them inside the conservation area.