Antasari, Blindly Charged or Public Misleaded?
Legal representative of former Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) chief Antasari Azhar deems the death penalty requested by the public prosecutor without factual base from the trial. But prosecutors think Antasari and his legal counsel are misleading the press and people.

"These (the charges) are blind shots because they aren't in accordance with the facts during trial," said Juniver Girsang, one of Antasari's legal representatives after the trial, South Jakarta State Court, Tuesday.

According to Junier, Antasari shouldn't be threatened with death penalty if all were according to the facts on trial. "The problem is: what is the base for the death sentence? If the public prosecutors used the facts during trial, we're sure there wouldn't be the request for a death sentence for Antasari."

He added that for the coming defense from Antasari's side, unlike the prosecutors, their side would use the facts from the trial.

While reading the charges, one of the prosecutors, Cyrus Sinaga also mentioned that Antasari's legal counsel often attempted to blur the case by accusing that there was tampering by the police and Attorney General. "This is unfortunate because it can mislead the people."

"The people think it unlikely Antasari would harass Rani Juliani. It's normal and logical (for the people to think so). But, though a former KPK chief, Antasari is still a human being, a normal man without fault-free."