JK: Sri Mulyani Cheated by BI's Data

Former VP Jusuf Kalla denies the statement by finance minister, Sri Mulyani, who was also the chief of the Committee for Financial Sector Stability (KSKK), regarding the report of Century Bank's bailout decision that was claimed by the minister to have been given to him on November 22, 2008, or a day after the bailout was decided. At that time Kalla was ad interim for the president who was on a formal visit abroad.

Sri Mulyani stated regarding this report on Wednesday. According to Kalla, he received the report only on November 25, when the fund had been disbursed.

"As far as the minister of finance's explanation, she believes that on November 22, I received the report, but that's not true. What I know is, the SMS was a report to the president, but also forwarded to me. But I didn't read it," said Kalla to answer the inquiry committee member Ahmad Muzani, during the hearing on Century Bank's case, Thursday, House of Rep. building, Jakarta.

He explained that the report he received was directly from the finance minister on November 25, 2008. "She (Sri Mulyani) reported, so the KSSK member who came was the finance minister; and it was the Bank Indonesia (BI) governor who authorized the bailout to Century Bank." said the former VP who is also chairman of the Indonesian Red Cross.

On hearing the report, Kalla admitted he was surprised and angry. Especially since in the report it's stated that Century Bank had problems involving management by the owner and also outstanding securities.

"I asked why it was bailed out, this is robbery. Why helping a robber, arrest the man! Don't show mercy, that was my order."

At that time, he said he couldn't do anything because the disbursement was accomplished. But Kalla was angry at Sri Mulyani. "I was upset why it happened. She (Sri Mulyani) did nothing. So I ordered for the arrest of Robert Tantular."

Kalla: Sri Mulyani felt deceived

Another surprising statement from Kalla was that Sri Mulyani, also known as Mrs. Ani, had confided to him that she felt deceived by BI's data that was the basis of the bailout. Sri Mulyani's comment, according to Kalla, was expressed during a private conversation between coordination meetings around the end of September 2009.

"Mrs. Ani reported that she made the decision based on BI's data that said Rp. 632 billion. But then the figure exploded and she felt deceived by the data," answered Kalla to inquiry committee member Maruarar Sirait from PDI-P fraction.

"She (Sri Mulyani) said she felt deceived by the figure?" Maruarar confirmed to Kalla.


At that time Kalla claimed he couldn't say anything else because it's been executed already. "I said, don't cry over spilt milk.

Well, just bear the responsibility for it. But she felt that the data was incorrect."

When asked whether there was proof of the conversation Kalla said that it had been a private one.

Sri Mulyani when examined by the inquiry committee, Wednesday, admitted that she never felt deceived by BI's data. She asked the committee to confirm it to Kalla. Therefore, Maruarar asked the committee to schedule to bring together Kalla and Sri Mulyani.

"This information is important. I ask so that there is time to clarify together with Mr. Kalla and Mrs. Sri Mulyani."

Just for your information, the Century Bank bailout was disbursed in several stages. The meeting on November 21, 2008 decided for the Rp. 632 billion bailout. But during execution on November 23, 2008, the fund exploded to Rp. 2 trillion and continued to bloat to Rp. 6.7 trillion by the July 2009.

According to Kalla, it's the bloating of the bailout fund that wasn't reported to him while he was ad interim for the president.