KPK Accounts for Century before Commission III

Commission III of the House will hear the development from the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) in resolving the Century Bank case in a public hearing, Monday.

Commission III member Panda Nababan confirms that the latest development of the case will be the mani focus of the House. Previously, KPK deputy chief M. Jasin, last Friday, stated that the KPK will be blunt regarding its investigation that implicates state officials before the Commission III of the House.

"If I explain it (now), I'd be overstepping. Monday we're having a public hearing, you'll see transparently what the KPK has been doing while so far it's considered not fast enough in resolving the Century case."

Meanwhile, approximately at 10 am, the meeting has begun, presided by the Commission III chief, Benny K. Harman. From KPK there are the KPK acting chief Tumpak H. Panggabean with its other leaders, M. Jasin, Bibit S. Rianto, Haryono Umar, and Chandra M. Hamzah, who was still on his way when this news was first issued.