SBY Orders Paspampres to Prepare for Heavier Duties

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has asked the Presidential Security Guards Force (Paspampres) to always be in a state of preparedness to face ever heavier challenges in the days ahead. "There are at least four challenges the Paspampres will face in the next five years," the head of state said in his directives to all Paspamres members at the force’s headquarters here in Friday.

The president said his activities in serving the state and nation would increase in the next five years. "The next five years will be my last term in office and therefore I will be more active in carrying out my duties in serving the state and nation, both at home and abroad," the president said.

Yudhoyono added that in the coming years many international events would be organized in Indonesia, namely an Asean summit in 2012 and an APEC summit in 2013. He said many heads of state and government would attend the Asean and APEC summits in Indonesia.

"In addition, the Papampres should increase its alertness because the threat of terrorism against me, such as the character assassination planned by certain elements a few months ago, has not abated," he said.

Therefore, the president said, Paspampres should continue to update its armament systems. "I do not want Paspampres’ armament systems to be less sophisticated than those of its counterparts in other countries or those of terrorists," the head of state said.