Indonesian Maid Dies in Malaysia

An Indonesian maid, Nurul Aida, dies in Melaka, Malaysia, around 21.55 local time for unknown reasons, a source said. According to information from a staff at the Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Nurul Aida was working with an Indian family when three Malaysian women appears to be her agent, found her unconscious in her employer’s house.

"The three women then brought Nurul Aida to the Indonesia Embassy," Satya, the embassy official said here on Friday. Unfortunately, he said, the embassy away by car from Melaka. Nurul Aida was may have passed away during the journey to the embassy.

Satya explained that one of Aida’s agents, had said the poor Indonesian maid’s body was producing smell during the journey to the embassy that the other two maid agents removed Aida’s body to the car’s trunk. "When the three agents arrived at the embassy, I asked them to go to the hospital for an autopsy and later report the case to the police," he said.

Two other agents are now held at the Kuala Lumpur police station for questioning. According to the police, the three were no official maid recruiting agents.

To help Nurul Aida enter Malaysia, a tourist passport was used. Based on the passport, she should have left Malaysia in March 2009.