ATM thief caught in Balikpapan

An ATM thief, Joni Bone, caught as he was about to force open a Bank International Indonesia (BII) ATM in a booth in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, on Monday.

Balikpapan Police said Joni admitted that he had conducted two similar crimes previously. The police are further investigating the matter.

BII officer Iwan Setiawan said that last Saturday Joni stole BII ATM hardware including a modem, UPS and digital video recorder, causing the bank Rp 12 million (US$1,286) in losses.

“This time, we found him as he was about to break into the ATM using a screwdriver,” Iwan said Monday.

He added that the bank would increase the security of its ATMs as a preventative measure on Wednesda