Century Customer: We Never Had Rp 2.4 Billion

As the inquiry committee's field investigation team examines customers from Century Bank's Senayan branch, a number of odd statements have been heard. The customers were brought, Monday, by Mutiara Bank or formerly known as Century Bank.

Three out of four customers are suspect because of dubious financial transactions. As reported by the Financial Transaction Analysis and Report Center, they've had large sums of money deposited and withdrawn in short time periods.

One customer, Lie Anna Puspasari, due to her illness was represented by her daughter, Henny Yahya. According to Henny, her family was quite disturbed when her mother was labeled a fictive customer. She also clarified regarding the information that her mother withdrew Rp. 2.4 billion on April 27, 2009.

"Our family was shocked. In our bank account book there is no such withdrawal. I was stunned. Where did Rp. 2.4 billion come from? In the news it's sometimes even Rp. 24 billion. I would want that kind of money if it were there."

"So your mother never had Rp. 2 billion?" asked committee member, Aziz Syamsuddin. "Yes. My mother is very confused. Where did Rp. 2.4 billion come from? We'd like to clarify this because it's important for our reputation. Somebody used my mother's account."

Aziz stated that the admission shows a possibility that the customer's account was used by certain parties. Therefore, the inquiry committee asks for Mutiara Bank to give the management structure of Century Bank at that time. "It's important (to know), who the branch head was, who the operational chief was, so we know the line of responsibility. Because Mrs. Lie Anna Puspasari's passwords must be with the perpetrator."

The data gathered by the committee is that there is an MO of splitting accounts by large depositors into several accounts each worth below Rp. 2 billion so that they would be refunded by the Deposit Insurance Agency when the bank was taken over by the government.

The customers who are refunded are the ones whose savings are below Rp. 2 billion. But it seems that customers with funds above RP. 2 billion are still refunded because they've split their account into several ames.