To Dump Rage, Obama Statue Humped to The School He Attended

The Barry's Dream or Young Obama statue has finally been relocated from Menteng Park, Sunday night, around 8 pm. The new location for the Rp. 100 million statue is at Elementary 01 Menteng, or popularly known as Besuki Elementary.

The chairman of the Besuki Elementary Alumni Association, Hiramsyah S. Thaib, stated to, Monday, that the statue's relocation had been planned and coordinated with a number of other parties. "It had been planned. We've coordinated the relocation with the provincial government, the initiators, and the US Embassy."

A polemic has risen since the statue was erected at Menteng Park. Some protested that Obama hasn't contributed much to Indonesia to merit a statue at Menteng Park. "Obviously, this is to prevent prolonged polemic. The statue was made with good intentions, but then there is the polemic, so I think this is the solution."

The vice-principle of Besuki Elementary, Purwanto, confirmed the statue's relocation to the school, "We've provided space before the school entrance. The construction work starts this afternoon," he stated to, Monday.

He estimated that the statue should be ready in 2 or 3 days, and hopefully before President Barack Obama's visit to Indonesia. The statue will be placed on a dais, and surrounded by some plants. "The plants add to its esthetics, and also to prevent the viewers from touching the statue."

The cost of the relocation is born by the provincial government and the initiators. "The school, as Barack Obama's former place of study, only provides the space. We gladly accept the statue."