Five food companies fail to get halal label in S. Sumatra

The South Sumatra Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) on Tuesday refused to grant halal (permissible) certificates to five food producers as the companies refuse to alter some haram (prohibited) ingredients in their products.

The five companies produce various food products, including pastries, chocolates, 'pempek' (fishcake) and fried tofu.

South Sumatra MUI officer Mahmud Jumhur said that the pastries and chocolate producers refused to scrap rum ingredient for fear to change special flavor of their products, while the fried tofu producer declined to alter the type of salt and cooking oil for making its product.

“We also cannot give halal certificates to some companies which produce their goods in unhygienic place, such as near poultry cages,” he said.

On the same day, the MUI issued halal labels to 18 food companies in the province.