RSUD to treat baby suffering from multiple organ failure

The Tangerang General Hospital (RSUD) has expressed its readiness to treat Muhamad Rizki, a 3-month-old baby suffering from multiple organ failure, even though his parents cannot afford to pay the treatment fees.

“We have received a letter stating the parents are poor and the hospital has decided to treat the baby,” Achmad Muchlis, head of information and legal affairs at the hospital, said Tuesday.

He explained the baby boy has been suffering from difficulties due to excessive liquid in his belly.

“This is the first patient the hospital has seen with this disease and we are still waiting for further diagnostic results from a team of doctors to decide whether Rizki needs surgery,” he said.

Muchlis said the temporal diagnosis made by doctors at the hospital on Monday showed the swelling on the baby’s heart, kidneys and stomach had occurred in utero.